war is my god
Lucius of House Forseti. "The murder of his sister quieted him, though I fear his silence is naught one of peace. He refuses to marry and I fear he will be the death of our house." [[indie asoiaf oc / formerly asilencedknight ]]



              Allow me to share with
                 you some of my own hard-
                 earned wisdom.
                                                   A heart of gold is
                                                   p r e c i o u s, yes

                                                 but with good reason.
                                                                                            The gods did not
                                                                            craft us for love, sweet idiot,
                                                                                            but for G R E E D.
                 Ownership of such will only
                 event in your ribcage plunged unto
                 with claws of avarice ; t o r n open
                 in lustful hunt for such rare gem.
                                                                               You must turn it to iron, to
                                                           steel ; metal that of unyielding strength
                                                                   possessing power of three ancient
                                                                  curses: cold, m i r t h l e s s, CRUEL. ❞

         ❝ The years have not been kind to

            you in that regard, my  Lady.

                                 Though I am quite flattered that you

                                  remember me well enough to claim I

                                  am a sweet idiot.

                                                          Endured much I also have, yet

                                                          in my absence I cannot say that

                                                          I have forsaken the concept of

                                                          love entirely. For I loved once,

                                                          and I suppose that is enough.

            Perhaps I should have

            remained dead to you.

            Little I have to offer—

                                               Vengeance took what little

                                                I could have given to you—

                                                For friendship is something

                                                that seems to be dead to 

                                                you and I.  ❞


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Loras only continued to stare at him in disbelief and finally made his way across the room and placed a hand on his cheek as if it would pass through some apparition and not the real thing in the flesh.

"What happened to you on the way to Braavos?" He had heard nothing after Lucius had set sail across the narrow sea. The rumor had been that pirates had taken the ship but Loras hadn’t allowed himself to believe it.

Loras wrapped his arms around him and held him close, "I missed you too. D-DId you kill the woman?" 

He’d nearly forgotten what it was like to feel flesh against his own. Such soft touches were something he was no longer accustomed to. Distant memories they were—something he had pushed to the back of his mind and deemed useless. ❝ Ship sank—there was a hell of a storm. Floated for a while until some slavers picked out of the water. ❞

His shoulders tensed. It took him a moment to return the embrace, not at all accustomed to such pleasantries. ❝ I killed her, yes. Though it took far longer than I had hoped it would.  ❞

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——Her eyes picked up, a brief smile settling on her lips for mere seconds before turning into a sour expression. No matter how much she tried to put the trial aside her mind would instantly race back. At most she could drink herself to sleep tonight.

Dornish red is my preferred drink, but in this moment I’ll gladly take whatever is offered.


So tell me—-How long has it been since she’s been gone? Your sister?

❝ Dornish red it is. ❞

He began to lead her back to the small home his father kept in Kings Landing. It was a short walk from the castle to his home, though the winding steps made it seem much longer than it truly was.

❝ Two years, fourteen days. ❞ Lucius gnawed at his lower lip, motioning toward a well kept home amid the squalor. ❝ Not that far off now. Pretty sure the servants will have dinner ready as well, if you’re hungry. ❞

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…and perhaps he never will, perhaps it is time for me to froget it all and leave…what is it they say? Time heals all wounds?


Either way I’ll gladly take up your offer for a drink- it is only a fool who doesn’t take a drink when offered.

❝ Can’t tell you how your own story will end—

   ’m not even sure if that saying is true. ❞

He offered her his arm, smiling curtly.

❝ Arbor Gold or Dornish red? ❞

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       She didn’t feel like asking what the story was behind his own troubles- mainly because she didn’t want to invoke emotions out of him. It was strange for a brother to fall for his sister, how the gods where cruel…for truly one did not choose who they fell in love with did they?

Some would say you are lucky that she’s gone- no more lies you have to tell or the sneaking around to be together for even the briefest of moments. Tyrion is still alive            and as far as he’s concerned I am nothing but another lying whore…


                   ”As far as I live I will carry that with me you know.”

❝ And as long as you live.

   But if you had said otherwise, his own life and perhaps yours would be        forfeit. You did the right thing. For the both of you—even if he does not        understand, perhaps someday he will.  ❞

He offered her his hand. ❝ Lucius Forseti. Care for a drink? Sounds like you need one.  ❞

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         She sighed, looking at him, her heart beating rather q u i c k l y
              against her chest. The only question running through her mind
                              was if she had made the R I G H T decision…

       ”…and what exactly would you know of love? I trust that it was not
              as complicated as mine——I lied to him you know…to everyone…”

❝ I did too. ❞

                    He took no offence toward her words—she was hurt, the                               wounds were still so very fresh.

❝ The only woman I ever loved was my sister—and, well, of course we lied to everyone.

                          But then that bitch of a handmaid killed her and. Well,

the rest is history. ❞

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Golden eyes flickered up at the sound of a familiar voice. A voice much deeper than he had last heard it departing to sail to Braavos all those years ago. He jumped to his feet and made his way over to the blond so changed with longer hair, and a little bit of scruff on his face.

         ”Lucius? Is that really you?”


He looked over to his friend, face grim as he nodded. Much had changed—he was not even sure if he was still welcome.

❝ Aye. T’is me. ❞

Lucius scratched at his scruff awkwardly, not quite sure as to what to say. ❝ It has…been some time. I—missed you. ❞

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     Forgotten? For a lack of sons ——- or unforgivable treachery to its liege lords? The man’s face remained as unfamiliar as the name of his forebears did unknown.


     ” —- Such a journey does not come without cost most steep. Pray tell, what debt might the crown incur for such offerings, beyond its gracious, enduring thanks?”

❝ I would ask that my family’s name be restored—

   For it is a shame to go through so much to come

   and find that I no longer have a home. If it would

   please you, your Grace. ❞

                        He kept his eyes cast downward. Even with what he                                 offered, he had little hope in regaining his home. 

❝ I am Lucius Foresti, your Grace. It is an honor

   to meet you. ❞

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Don’t talk to me like you know me…


"—- I did what I had to…
not for me…but for h i m.”


❝ —Was just saying it is a shame that you had to say such things.

   It is difficult. To love someone that you cannot have. ❞

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❝ —Why are you asking me?

   Surely you could find another man to complete such a task. ❞

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